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 Pedicures: recommended once a month

                              Heel the Sole Spa Pedicure...$50
                                 Peach, Pineapple or Cherry
Heal your soul!  Revitalizing yet relaxing.  Toes are manicured.  Calluses are eliminated. Feet are then exfoliated, Paraffin dipped and put in warm booties.  This luxurious treatment is finished with a thorough massage and polished toes that will leave feet dancing for hours.

                                Chocolate Lovers Pedicure...$40
With this luscious pedicure you can indulge yourself in your chocolate fantasies...Calorie free!  Chocolate Mint soak, scrub and mask...Enjoy!

                                    Exotic Mango Pedicure...$40
Enjoy this relaxing blend of mango, lychee and ginger.  Aromatic scrub will exfoliate and mask will hydrate and condition tired feet.

                                  Lime Zest Pedicure...$40
Moisturizing and hydrating pedicure with soothing lemon and lime extracts.  Also exfoliating scrub and moisturizing mask to smooth calluses.

                                 Milk & Honey Spa Pedicure...$40
Moisturizing and hydrating pedicure with soothing milk proteins and organic honey extracts.  Also the basic foot care essentials.

                                    Peppermint Spa Pedicure...$40
It calms and cools, it refreshes and revives.  Soothing spa soak will refresh tired feet while detoxifying spa foot mask of rich nutrients draw out impurities.

                                     Aroma Spa Pedicure...$33
                                         Peach, Pineapple or Cherry
Pamper yourself with an invigorating and exfoliating foot treatment.  Eliminate rough dry calluses and finish with a foot massage and polish.

                                         Toe Manicure...$23
Feet are soaked in foot bath and followed by a foot massage.  Nails are clipped, buffed, oiled and polished.

                                                      Other Services

Acrylic Toenails...+ $10 (prevents ingrown toenails)
Permanent color w/o Pedicure...$30
Permanent color w/Pedicure....$20
Permanent color fill-in...$25
Permanent French Manicure...+ $5
Reflexology...$10 every 15 min.
Designs...+ $5
Pedicure Polish change...$10
Paraffin Treatment...$10
After basic manicure or pedicure, hands or feet are dipped in paraffin wax and warmed in booties for a deep penetrating moisturizing feeling that will remain refreshed for hours.